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Make your own window ball 2 pers

1 800 kr

A different experience where you yourself get to mix colors and create patterns to finally blow up bubbles for your very own unique window decoration.
Everyone succeeds, of course, with the help and guidance of the glassblower. The experience is for two people, but if it is one person who is to perform, he must make two objects.
The glass balls must then be cooled for 12 hours and can be picked up a later day during opening hours or sent for a shipping cost of SEK 49.

We can accommodate up to 16 people at a time for this experience. If there are more than two people who want to blow window balls, each accessory after the first two costs SEK 850/person extra. (Starting cost SEK 1800 2p + SEK 850/pers 3-16 pers)

For appointment: (Heta Hyttan Glasbruk)

You can also buy the experience for later booking via bookdirect.
Then you choose to pay on the spot and take the order confirmation with you

Not recommended for children under 12 years

Tuesday-Friday 11-16
Saturday (odd weeks) 11-14

2 people SEK 1800